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Make free shipping discount applicable to only certain classes of service (ie ground) (45) (PD-16434)



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    Maggie Hanus
    Wherever you display your free shipping code (on your site, in your newsletter, etc), add a disclaimer that says UPS Ground Only. Then if they choose 2nd Day Air, you can still just send it UPS ground.
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    Ricki Carroll
    I'm was able to set up a discount method for a certain class of shipping. In the discount method add the action Shipping Method - Equal To - Priority Mail: Trackable. Note you will need to replace the last part (Priority Mail: Trackable) with the name of your shipping method you want to use. Go to Global Settings > Shipping Providers and copy the Alternate Display Name if you have one or just use the Service Name if you don't have one. I'm trying to set up an exception to exclude shipping discounts on some of our heavy items.
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    Kathy Sechrist
    I am trying to set an item for free shipping right now. I know I did this in the old cart by using a custom shipping method, but I don't see how to do that in the new admin. Right now if I try to set it for free, the customer could choose overnight shipping for free. Adding a message to the item saying it's limited to ground shipping is not a valid alternative - there should be a way to set the item to ship for free by whatever method I choose, but let the customer choose to pay for a different method if they want it overnight.
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    Brian Bell
    We have a shipping feature that mostly covers this need; if you look in your shipping settings, under the General page, there's a "Free Shipping Threshold" setting and corresponding "Restrict To Method" setting. You can set the threshold to $0.01 or something similar (it's based on order subtotal) and restrict the free shipping to a particular shipping method of your choice (such as ground). Customers could then still choose an upgraded shipping service for full price. It doesn't allow you to say ALL ground services (such as both FedEx Ground and UPS Ground). Thanks for this feedback, and we're looking into options to make it easier to set this up, both at the service level and for making a specific service free for a specific product while still allowing other rates to use the live provider rates for that product.
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    Kathy Sechrist
    This suggestion is nearly identical to another here Between the 2 suggestions, I see a total of 68 votes.
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    Kathy Sechrist
    Now at 78 votes when combined with nearly identical request here

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