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Add a Next and Previous to Order Searching (10)




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    Edward Sturrock
    This has been completed for the latest 2014.5 version. You can switch between orders right at the top of the page next to the order ID. You can also just type in order ID's now and go directly to another one without leaving the page. Thanks for the suggestion!!
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    Steven Howland
    I was just going to add this feature request myself. Each morning we look at each new order and have to either type the next number in the web link or get out of the order window and open the next one. A previous / next button would be really easy to add and a time saver. Please note that these buttons should appear both in view and edit mode.
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    While this doesn't directly answer this you can use some the Increase and Decrease Bookmarklets from this KB article to do this: Bookmarklets are javascript links that can be added to your bookmarks toolbar to perform actions in the browser. Specifically the increment and decrement bookmarklets take the last number that is found in a url and +/- that number by 1. I think this would work perfect for this.
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