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Integrate with Google Apps (Gmail-Contacts-Spreadsheets-Shopping) via Google API (27)



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    Having an SMTP option would be great!
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    Mike Hyland
    As Google Shopping moved from the Free Google base product submit to a pay-per-click or commission basis on July 1st we definitely need a direct interface from our AC ecatalog to Google's merchant center feed. Google Docs has an automated daily submit interface if you use a Google Docs online spreadsheet. I'm sure AC merchants would love a verified product autofeed to Google Shopping as the Google commerce animal is unleashed on the buying public. All important is making sure Americommerce's cart can report all sales through the Google Analytics coding. If not we're blind as to what Adwords contributes to our normal SERP traffic sales. Google Product Ads also now offer to display products on a Adwords commission basis ( rather the Adwords PPC) with a 30 day cookie if merchant can prove sales tracking with GA and pass thjeir smell test for product (add to cart ) landing pages.
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    This might be accomplished via an AC app for Zapier - Suggested here:
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    Marvin Hankins

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