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Quote to Order: Give Customer Service ability to convert quotes to orders (21)




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    Edward Sturrock
    2012.5 now has this feature, thanks for everyones ideas and votes.
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    Edward Sturrock
    I agree, gets my vote.
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    Yeah, seems kind of like an oversight. I guess you 'could' put your email in on the order details and then send the quote to yourself, and then change it later... what a pain, lets fix it AC! ;)
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    Edward Sturrock
    You can go to the front end and submit the quote as an order which will turn it into a normal order I believe. But yes, this needs top line support.
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    Sarah Bullard
    I agree and hope that it gets fixed/added. I ran into this problem this morning and ended up looking a little unprepared to my customer who called to pay via phone.

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