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Option to 'Hide' or 'Remove' Shipping Method Selection in Checkout (11)



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    If you are talking about the shopping cart you can turn off shipping estimation at the theme level per theme. The setting is in Catalog Pages > Shopping Cart > Basic Settings > "Show Shipping Calculation" If you are talking about the Checkout Page, then you are correct. You must mark all of your products and Non-shipping.
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    @Ryan - Yes, we would like to have the ability to hide the Shipping Selector in the Checkout process. As a marketing and testing tool, we have used varying shipping methods, on same product, in other multi-site setups with great success.
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    Edward Sturrock
    Sounds like a good option, it gets one of my votes too.
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    Emily Witherspoon
    Ryan, I want to turn OFF (if that is the right lingo) the Estimate Your Shipping Costs: on the store/shopcart.aspx page I couldn't find out how to get to Catalog Pages > Shopping Cart > Basic Settings > "Show Shipping Calculation if that would solve this. Thanks!

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