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Improve Communications regarding Dev-share Opportunities (41)



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    Chris Collins
    This one shouldn't need a vote. It just needs to be done. It's good customer support these days. A no brainer
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    Andrew Brown
    This should be #1 on the list - It seems like it would be a slam dunk for Americommerce as well. Price some of these new features, and make them known to the community. I suspect you'll find many of us are willing to pay for 1/4 of this or 1/5 of that to make stuff happen! Americommerce can monetize new features and the community can expedite feature upgrades important to them.
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    Todre Land
    This is a great suggestion. AmeriCommerce should remodel the dev-share program into an in-house Kickstarter-like feature funding platform. This will spur growth of its feature list and more quickly satisfy customer requests.
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    Clayton P
    Somewhat older, but I fully agree. Allow us merchants to all the share the dev costs.
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    Teresa Murphy
    Agreed. I generally feel that there should be a real forum where we can truly exchange ideas, suggestions, tips and such amongst the members/customers. The dev share thing can be as simple as a special section on the forum. Doesn't need a big software project to pull it off. I want to be able to communicate with other AC users in an intelligent, threaded fashion about all kinds of things--some AC-related, some just business-related. We have a wealth of experience in the membership and it's frustrating not to be able to tap into it.
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    I just created this Community Forum in our support site:
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    Donny Cryer
    And now the forum is gone. Good job on this one, guys.

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