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Choose Time Zone Offset & Format Rather Than Depending on "Server Time" (49) (PD-16427)



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    Hi AC, any indication on the level of difficulty to implement this? It's been a long time coming. Feature: Store settings: [Set Store Timezone] Cheers
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    ...and also: Feature: Store settings : [Set Date Format] i.e. dd/MM/yyyy instead of MM/dd/yyyy
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    Joshua Jager
    This would be a great add. My main issue is around reporting. My stores are in Australia so, so a new reporting day begins about half way through the physical day.
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    Jan Dunlop
    We should also be able to set the time zone on a per store basis as we have a store for USA, NZ, UK etc...
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    James Maher

    Any updates on this? 

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    George Popovich

    There must be a good reason why Americommerce hasn't made this change but I'm hoping they can find a solution. We have cutoff times that our customers can place an order to have it shipped that day and we have to do the math to make sure we get those orders out as promised.

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