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Stripe Payment Gateway: No Merchant Account Needed (26)




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    AmeriCommerce Developer
    Great news, we've added this in our 2015.5 version! Read more here:
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    Todre Land
    Noca seems to be another good alternative to the merchant account nuisance and doesn't charge the 30 cent fee. It also offers merchants the ability to accept checks.
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    Melissa Flam
    I don't like that you have to wait 7 days to receive payments from them. I can't see micro businesses going with this processor.
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    Victoria Sylvestre
    I would think that any of these methods would be nice to be able to choose from. Choices are a good thing. Perhaps one shop owner might have lots of customers who prefer one type over another, and it would be nice if they could actually be able to choose it if they like.
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    James LaBove
    I'd love to see Stripe support in AmeriCommerce as well! Stripe is great- faster bank deposits than PayPal, super-simple to set up (easier than PayPal, and MUCH easier than any traditional gateway/merchant combo), and no monthly fees. I've used it on several projects and it's been a huge asset for both my customers and myself.
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    Stripe is about one thing... CONVERSION! It presents very little friction to the buyer, minimal clicks, no forwarding over to paypal. It's fast and elegant, and that equates to more sales.
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    Ned Miller
    stripe is monthly fee and deposits super quick

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