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Let us edit our own DNS records to set up domain-based email (9)



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    Shayne Martin
    Fred, when going live, you are already given the option to either point your A Record to your store's IP address, or to point the nameservers towards ours. By choosing the point your A Record, you remain in control of your own DNS and can add/edit/remove all of the records as normal. However, I agree the idea of in-app editing of your DNS records for stores that use the nameserver method would be a neat feature and would suggest this idea be more focused on that since you do currently have the capability to retain control of the DNS.
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    Fred Chapman
    Shayne, thanks for your speedy reply. It was very enlightening! When we were ready to go live, I was told that I needed to submit a support ticket. I wasn't aware that there was another way to set up our AmeriCommerce store to use our own domain name. I certainly like the idea of retaining control of our DNS records. Can you please direct me to a help page or an admin menu item which would enable me to do that with future projects? Thanks, Fred
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    Lena Brown
    I'd like to see this as well. My email is hosted on a separate server from my domain and thus I would need to create a record pointing to the email server. Its much easier to do it myself than create a support ticket and wait.
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    LisaH-Marty's Gifts
    I am waiting to be switched now. In the meantime, I have an error on my domain page, so for days my site has been messed up because I have to wait. I could do it myself if I had the info/instructions. It would have been done days ago already.

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