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Saved Cart Feature (30)



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    Bart Crane
    Agreed!! We have been (erroneously) telling customers they can use the saved cart feature to save a cart and later add to it, in particular if they login from a different computer to continue their order. This happens often if an order is started at one location and completed at another, which happens often with our customers. Otherwise, what purposes does this feature serve?
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    Nathan Haack
    I love the idea for customers to be able to log in to their account and their cart has what they put in it regardless of which computer or device that they are on. Personally i don't even think there should be a save cart button, but instead it should just automatically save the cart contents if they are logged in. It almost looks like the cart is cookie based right now? Would love to see it changed to be tied to customers' accounts instead.
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    Nate Horsfall
    I realize this is 2 years later but I brought up this issue with support and they told me that this was how the saved cart was designed to be used. It is counterintuitive and presents the issues that you have already mentioned -- once a customer saves their cart, they cannot add to it. We wanted to use it so when customers email us with questions about an order, we could email them a link to a saved cart and they could add/remove items and checkout, but this issue is keeping us from using the saved cart so it's practically useless in its current form.

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