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Allow half increments or decimals in quantity box for quotes and orders ie 1.5 (14)



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    Jessica Bonilla
    We sell fabric so being able to sell in fractional or decimal quantities and track inventory properly would be a great feature. There are many store types that use decimals and fractions to sell in weights and lengths.
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    Brian Bell
    We typically recommend that people use the smallest increment in which they will sell a particular good as the basis for stock. In other words, if you sell in 1/2 yards, and that's the smallest increment you sell, then we'd recommend setting your stock based on the number of half yards that you have versus full yards. However, this is a good idea that would benefit a lot of people! Let's see if we can get some others to add their votes!
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    Jessica Bonilla
    I get what you're saying Brian and appreciate your efforts in trying to get more votes for this. :-) Having customers buy like you've suggested is not that intuitive, though, and actually presents a hurdle for them to jump over to add items to their carts. For example, let's say a quantity of 1 in my shopping cart is equal to .25 yards and my customer wants to order 7 1/4 yards. They need to now calculate how many .25 yards is going to equal 7 1/4 yards. Sure, it can be done with some relatively simple math -- but who really wants to have to do some math homework before they can buy something? I'd prefer not to spring a pop quiz on my customers each time they want to add fabric to their carts. :-) I want them to feel like buying from me is easy peasy! Gosh, I would really love to see this on Americommerce. I'm currently migrating over from Shopify, where I've got some hidden javascript on my site making it look like it accepts decimals. I get so many other fabric shops emailing me asking how I've done it. I know I could forward quite a few online fabric shops your way if you were to offer this. I'll continue checking this feature and hope to see some positive updates (and more votes from others who need this).

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