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Ability to receive an email notification, when a customer requests to be notified when an item is out of stock (5)



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    Lisa Kemp
    When you add the product back in stock, are the emails being sent to your customers? Mine seem to be hit or miss, mostly miss. So much so that I have turned off the ability for my customers to be notified. It is just too much of a pain to deal with manually sending the emails that weren't sending automatically.
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    Paul Ackley
    We use this feature all the time - and we never have a problem - we have it set up so we get notified too when emails get sent out. let me know if I can help
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    Brandi Lovett - Support
    Jerry, Instructions to set up this feature is here: Lisa, If you are having issues with your customers receiving the notifications, we will need to troubleshoot this issue via support ticket. If a feature is not functioning correctly, we would need to fix it!

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