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Add an quantity option to make customer order set multiples of 5, 6, 10, 12, etc. (incrementing quantities) (3)



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    AmeriCommerce Developer
    Are you using real catalog items or phantom items? If you are using actual items that exist in your store, there is a product field called "Quantity Multiple" that does pretty much exactly what you're looking for. This field is on the Inventory tab of the product editor: From the help text: Require customers to order products in multiples of a specific quantity. If this value is anything other than 1, the system will round all AddToCart and UpdateCart quantities for this item to the next multiplier. For example, if this value is 5 and the customer tries to add 1 item to the cart, it will automatically adjust the quantity to 5 and display a message notifying the customer of the rounding up. If they add 11, it will round to 15.
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    Nate Horsfall
    Hi Devs, I would need this for phantom items.
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