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Product Mass Editor Ability to Move All Products into One Category (14)



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    Here is a good reference at how Bigcommerce manages their products in a more efficient manner.
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    Bulk Editing Products in the Control Panel
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    Andrew K. Uhacz
    Bicommerce allows you to set multiple categories by checking from the categories available. This is a neat feature but just the ability to set the primary categories would be a start. I assume this is not really a difficult fix. Just like when you delete a category and have the ability to determine where to send the products you should have the same ability in the Mass Editor to determine where you want a group of products to be placed into the specific category. This became an issue when I realized I had a bunch of products not in the right category and I wanted to change all of them to another category. The process that would take me a couple minutes in BigCommerce took more than an hour to complete the same process in SparkPay.

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