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Fix css editors bug in admin (8)



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    Kathy Sechrist
    This is even worse than you think... I just finished converting my site to a responsive theme, and was pulling my hair out because something kept making my header and menubar revert to default css. I FINALLY figured it out - it was when I'd enter css that AC doesn't accept (like when I tried to use media queries in the header css - support later told me this was a no-no). There was NO ERROR OR WARNING, but apparently it somehow loaded the default css.
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    Julia S
    Oh, I can tell another. If you select new buttons design in theme editor then all lines with comments in your css will be replaced by the comments. So never put comment inside your style.
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    Julia S
    Time passes. There are changes. You see errors in all css editors. And you can insert media css. But if you select new button design your media instruction become global.

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