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Americart Migrations Sparkpay should review websites for design conflicts (18)



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    I just went through a forced migration. While most of my site still works, I can't get past the shipping option. Our site is completely custom and only interfaced with the old vCart system to capture payment data. Because of the nature of our inventory, we can't quote shipping until we know for sure that the item is available and can be shipped to the destination. Actual costs are then determined. Even though I set up a custom shipping option, SparkPay isn't showing it. As a result, my customers can place all the stuff they want in their cart. They just can't pay for it and finalize the order.
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    My migration from Americart has been an unmitigated disaster. I've spent countless hours, and thousands of $$ with my developers to fix serious UX issues and bugs related to this move. During this past month, my business is also down about 40% due to poor migration execution and limitations on basic ecommerce functionality, as Sparkpay tries to figure out items that Americart had already solved 14+ years ago. Seriously disappointed...
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    Tim Merino
    Probably already lost over 200-K in sales from forced migration. This does not count the thousands spent on developers. Would be nice if they had provided some direction. Still not fixed and as far as I can tell, the code base is changing regularly. Total disaster.
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    Skip Dietrick
    Spark Pay Americart Migration STINKS and no help losing tons of sales ---$$$
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    My site was inoperable after the migration and I was forced to upgrade my website platform. That is not a bad thing necessarily, however, would have liked to have known previous to the upgrade. My site is all custom too and it has been slow and tedious to convert to SparkPay. SparkPay is really user unfriendly and support is also slow and tedious as they direct you to articles to read which often do not explain features in enough detail. Yes I have lost thousands in sales while this "upgrade" is going on! Support needs to be better as well as the transition.

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