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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Hello Eric, 

    There isn't a setting to enable / disable the login and shopping cart menu icons, so setting them up can be a little tricky -- you'll need to use the right combination of HTML/CSS and widget merge codes.

    What I recommend is installing a copy of the theme called Base. Edit it, then go to Header > HTML Editor. There, you can see how the icons are coded. 

    Basically, its a combination of 3 widgets (menubar, small shopping cart, and customer login), FontAwesome Icons, and some CSS to control the dropdown on click. 

    If you're comfortable working with HTML, its not too difficult to replicate the code in Base on your own theme. 

    Be sure to backup your active theme before making any changes so that you can easily revert back if you make any mistakes. 




    SPOS Support


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    Trevor Gonzales

    Use FontAwesome along with the Pseudo-Selector ":after". This gives you more flexibility.

        See Working Example

    Simply link FontAwesome CSS to your page. Below is their minified version on CDN:

        CDN Link to Font Awesome CSS

    Still having trouble making it work? Send some code or a link so we can see exactly what you're talking about.

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