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Credit Card Test Numbers




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    Those testing bogus numbers kind of useless because during the payment process we also need to enter:

    • expiration date

    • card holder's name

    • cvr (3 digit security number)

    I would appreciate if you can add above information for future use.



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    Justin McCullough

    Hi Nataliya,


    You may use any name, expiration date (must be in the future) and any 3 digit CSV number.  



    John R Doe

    Visa: 4111111111111111

    Exp - 12/18

    CSV - 123

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    Marc Abbott

    Justin ...   FYI

    The VISA test number works with CVV 111 or 123

    The AmEx test number works with 1234 but NOT with 1111

    The Discover and MaserCard test numbers DO NOT work with CVV either 111 or 123.

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    Noel Sufrin

    Justin, et al,

    I am having a dickens of a time getting ANY of these numbers to process a test order.

    It would be really nice if an Americommerce guru would post the correct infoz so that we noobs need not burden you with unnecessary Support Tickets!

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    Mallory Welch

    Hi Noel,

    Those are the numbers, and the test cvv's are 123 for visa, and more as above. It will come back declined saying it's a wrong cc #, but that's what you want to see. It means it's left AC, went to the gateway, and came back with a response of declined. If you are testing orders and other things you can still do this with the declined card, and just change the order status. If you'd like to send us more info on what you're testing we can see what more we can do to help and you can send it to!

    Thanks so much,

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