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Adding a Free Item to Customer's Cart




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    Vicky Lee

    Thanks for the great explanation of how to setup the free item discount rule. Is there a way to allow the customer to choose which variation of an item they would like as their free item? For example, I sell jam in 9 different flavors. I would like my offer to read something like "For every order of $30 or more, Receive a Free 11oz jar of jam in the flavor of your choice!"

    Is there a way to actually set this up though? I'd prefer to let the customer choose their flavor instead of limiting them to only one flavor.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Victoria Sylvestre

    Yes, would be great! Did you ever get your answer Vicky?

    What I am going to do is ask them to write the flavor in the comments section on the check out page. Not the greatest as they'll spell them wrong and maybe ask for flavors I don't even have, BUT... better than limiting it to one I guess :)


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