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How-To: Process Payments




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    The refund link isn't working.  Less than 24 hours after charging the card, using the refund "button" does not connect to our Chase Paymentech Orbital Payment Gateway.

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    Jeremy Franks


    The refund option will not work until the credit card charges have been settled.  

    For most gateways transactions are settled every night.   So the rule of thumb is if the transaction to be refunded happened before midnight PST you need to void it.  If it happens after that you need to issue a refund.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Our payment processor settles every night.  We have been dealing with this issue since summer 2012.  Feel free to catch up with our Request #9487.  For us, it really doesn't seem to make a difference as the amount of time between charging and refunding.  Inconsistent results are the issue.

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