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Handling Customers Without Email Addresses




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    Kathy Sechrist
    we did this - now the automated emails go out to this nonexistant address and then bounce back to us - is a registered domain, so we are literally spamming them. Is there a better solution (using our own domain perhaps?)
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    Ricardo Gomez

    did you get a response to this? I would like to know how to specify the default domain name for the auto-generated emails

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    Kathy Sechrist

    Ricardo - As far as I can tell, this setting no longer exists. I don't know what's happening if a customer places an order without an email address now.. Perhaps I should test. I do know that we don't see as many bounces as we used to.

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    Ricardo Gomez

    the system doesn't allow you to place a manual order without email address, the order page has this button to auto-generate, I wrote to support last week and they stated that the domain name cannot be modified... which is... silly.

    At least they should make a change internally that any emails that have the domain name that is automatically generated, ALL email templates should ignore and don't send notifications.

    Doesn't make sense to send emails to a domain that they know for sure it does not exist and will bounce.

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