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    Chris Enge

    Never mind, got it to work.  You have to select the link group on the link group tab, then hit "new" in the upper right to create a new page.  You then select "content" which gives you the box to link to the content page.

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    Justin McCullough

    Hey Chris

    Nice work on figuring it out. 

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    Agnes Doue

    Chris, this is not at all obvious. I'm glad I found your comment. Thank you. --Aggie

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    Shirley Byard

    I need to get more information on my drop down menus.  What is the best way to do that?  Make my font smaller or do I need to adjust the spacing on the drop down menu or maybe both?

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    Noel Sufrin

    Text error... It should be "us" not "use"
    Your text:
    External URL
    This link can be a link to anywhere across the web using a full URL path: For example if you wanted your menu to link to use you would just Enter URL

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