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    Chris Enge

    Sorry guys, I'm having a terrible time with this even though I've done it many times before.  I'm trying to assign a new content page to an existing link group.  I'm stuck on step 2.  Where exactly is the place to set the Parent Link to the Link Group?  I'm just not seeing it.  Thanks.

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    Chris Enge

    Never mind, got it to work.  You have to select the link group on the link group tab, then hit "new" in the upper right to create a new page.  You then select "content" which gives you the box to link to the content page.

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    Justin McCullough

    Hey Chris

    Nice work on figuring it out. 

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    Agnes Doue

    Chris, this is not at all obvious. I'm glad I found your comment. Thank you. --Aggie

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    Shirley Byard

    I need to get more information on my drop down menus.  What is the best way to do that?  Make my font smaller or do I need to adjust the spacing on the drop down menu or maybe both?

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    Noel Sufrin

    Text error... It should be "us" not "use"
    Your text:
    External URL
    This link can be a link to anywhere across the web using a full URL path: For example if you wanted your menu to link to use you would just Enter URL

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