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Widgets: What are they, and how to use them




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    Justin Murphy

    Do you still have the "Alignment icons," or a similar feature, that you reference under the Snap-In Module Positioning section?


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    Lucas Lovett

    The Alignment icons is a feature that is available on page specific widgets, however its not a feature on theme level widgets.

    Instead, we have spaces that you can easily put widgets into on the page. 


    You can get to these by editing a themes page, and choosing widgets.


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    Justin Murphy

    Another question:

    In the Widget Layout area--for example, in the Menu Bar widget--div classes such as "navbar navbar-default" or "navbar navbar-right" dictate whether the list items are left justified or right justified. Are these the only two options, or is there also a "-center" option, or other options beyond that as well?


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    Steve Babb


    Great question. For all of the rev3 themes the menu bars are built using markup associated with the bootstrap framework.  The framework only has standard built in support for right and left aligned items. This mostly because there is no center aligned equivalent to "floating" the item left and right in css.

     You can read all about what is available in bootstrap based navbars in the official bootstrap documentation:

    There is an experimental bootstrap setup for it that can be seen here:



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    Justin Murphy

    Thank you! That's very helpful. I've definitely been visiting the getboostrap site a lot lately for useful info on how Deja Vu works by default. I've noticed that much of the Javascript functionality that Bootstrap offers seems to also be what some widgets are based off of. It seems that Americommerce has simply turned that functionality into an easy-to-use interface for those who may not have Javascript fluency (like myself). Am I correct in saying this? If so, are there plans to implement other Javascript functionality, like the Scrollspy or Collapse into widgets?

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