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List of Available Merge Codes




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    Brandon Young

    What if I want to call the category that the item is in. I have tried a few things but cant get this to work. Or even being able to call a certain category instead of an item would be fine

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    Jeremy Roberts

    Is it possible to see a changelog for this document?

    You guys appear to be adding mergecodes (thank you) but store admins can't be expected to memorize every mergecode available.
    How will we know when you add something?
    This is not super-secret sauce -- how about adding the added-on date to new mergecode entries?

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    Is there a way to add an image alt tag which calls the category or product name for each image in the theme files using the merge codes for $$CATEGORYTHUMBNAIL$$, $$THUMBNAIL$$, $$MAINPHOTO$$? It would be much less work to set them up that way than to have to manually include the alt tag in each category or per product.

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    Is there a merge code for the abandoned cart that is a link back to the users cart with their items and information still in it? I see this in a lot of other store abandoned cart emails and it's a definite help for the user to be able to just click the link and have everything there still to complete the purchase.

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    Can you copy here email merges from old admin? There was long list of email merges on page for email templates editor. For example ##STORETECHCONTACTEMAIL##.

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    Paul Ackley

    Is there a merge code to show the $$ of the discount when reward points are used as a partial payment so it shows up on the customers invoice as a discount - currently when they apply points it doesn't show its been applied anywhere except on the admin screen as loyalty payment- the customers think the points weren't applied at all because they don't see it.

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    Kathy Sechrist

    I need a way to show different content in the left column of various category pages. I didn't see a way to do this in the category editor, so I thought CONDITIONAL MERGES! But I don't see anything here that would work - did I miss it or does this not exist?

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    Kathy Sechrist

    Oh!!! I found this about variable merges and got it working - this will work, and my mind is now reeling with all the other possibilities...

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    Brandon Young

    Just thought I would add another Merge Code I came across to link to external scripts:


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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Thanks, Brandon.

    I've added this merge to the General Use Website merge section.

    SPOS Support

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    Kathy Sechrist

    I'm putting Customer Type in Admin order emails - removed the ELSE hoping it would do nothing if not matched.

    Instead, the email has a blank line for every IF that wasn't matched. I have 6 customer types so that's a lot of blank lines.

    Is there a way to indicate "do nothing" in an IF statement?

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    Joshua Artman

    Per AmeriCommerce Support:

    ##CURRENTDATE## merge formatting that is was not fully documented but works:


    ##CURRENTDATE[yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm]##

    This will give the date and time down to the seconds.


    This will only give the hours and minutes.


    This will give the hours and minutes and include fractions of a second.


    This will only output the fractions of a second to 7 places. This would function almost like a random number.


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