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Common CSS Parser Errors (Parsing Errors Found)




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    Noel Sufrin

    In the first example, you state "In this example the css rule for the h1 tag does not have a final semicolon after the color property/value."

    That's incorrect. The example shows a semicolon, however the error is immediately following "font-family", and is missing the colon.

    The next example pic actually shows the same line of CSS correctly on Line 3 h1...

    Just in case another self-helper is pulling their hair out trying to find it. :P

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    David Mioduszewski

    Clicking the link "Back to Themes FAQs" brings up a 404 error message

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    Placeholder Support #3

    Thank you very much David. This has been fixed!

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    Remember that you can't use media, you'll never see the error if you not using global css editor and if you use comments inside the style, the whole line can be occasionally replaced by the comment only after you select new buttons.

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