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Drip Series Email Setup


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    I know there is a way to associate a drip series with a product order, but this instruction set doesn't explain that...seems like it would be the most common use case.

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    Justin McCullough

    Hi Mandy,

    Once you have your drip series setup you then need to establish a rule to trigger the drip series for that product when ordered.  To do this, go to Tools > Rule Engine > Order Events.  Then "new".

    Give it a name, make it active and check the checkbox that says "A new order is placed or created". Then save.

    Once you save it, that rule then gives you the conditional options to complete the creation of the rule / trigger.

    next do this:

    You want it to "Match All of the following"

    The Condition type would be "product in order" (then select your product you want to trigger the drip email)

    In the Actions section:

    The Action type would be "Add customer to drip series" then you select the drip series you setup for that particular product.

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    John Lenertz

    I envision using drip emails to reach customers with coupons X days after they place an order. My question is whether I can make drips start-over when a new order is received rather than completing a chain.

    For example, if I set up a drip to send a coupon at 30 days, 45 days and 60 days and a customer orders at 25 days can that action reset the timer so they don't receive the coupons based on the first order?

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    Jed Spangler

    Does the action "Add customer to drip series" start the drip series for that customer? If you set it up so a customer gets an order follow up email 8 days after their order ships, do you have to manually start the drip, or does the order action start it? So as you get orders, it starts the process for each order?

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    Reid Hansen

    Can the drip series email be sent to individual customer accounts that are grouped together in the same company? I tested this out and the drip series email was only sent to the parent company.

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