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How to point a domain or site to AmeriCommerce online stores?




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    Noel Sufrin

    Grammar police:
    Last paragraph missing a word. Probably the word "you"

    "Please read the section 'Domains/Domain Email/SSL Security/Go Live' as (you) may have other considerations besides domain names to address before taking your site live, you may be ready, either way we are here to help you!"

    I think y'all need a better proofreader over there ;)

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    Nick Brown

    It is quite inconvenient that we (the users and owners of the actual Domains) cannot edit any of these settings. Once SparkPay takes over the hosting of the DNS, we are reliant upon you making necessary changes to our settings. While you are the host, we should be able to access the settings and make updates/changes as needed.

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